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Equal Justice Bench Book
Aboriginal People

11.4.6. Court Liaison Officers

FootnoteDepartment of the Attorney General, Handbook and Services Guide (2017) 35 (accessed 2 October 2017). Aboriginal liaison officers are located at various courthouses throughout the State and provide a critical link between the justice system, Aboriginal people and the community.

Aboriginal liaison officers work closely with magistrates, support agencies and Aboriginal communities to provide relevant information and advice on court procedures to Aboriginal people and communities that come into contact with the justice system.

Aboriginal liaison officers also help the accused to understand outcomes of court proceedings by explaining payment options for fines, bail and the consequences of not complying with court orders or failing to pay fines.


Perth Magistrates Court

Perth Children’s Court


Albany Court

Broome Court

Carnarvon Court

Kununurra Court

South Hedland

Last updated: 7-Nov-2017

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