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Equal Justice Bench Book
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Lady Justice

Justice is frequently depicted as a woman holding a sword and a set of scales and wearing a blindfold ... It is taken today as a representation of the idea of equality before the law which, in its formal sense, is blind to difference including cultural attributes not expressly or impliedly accommodated by the law...

Equality before the law ... is not a guarantee of equal justice. A law of general application may have adverse discriminatory outcomes because of the different circumstances and attributes of those to whom it applies … the idea of “equal justice” may be seen as a more demanding standard than that of formal “equality before the law”.

Chief Justice Robert French AC,
“Equal Justice and Cultural Diversity - The General Meets the Particular” (14 March 2015)


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The image above depicting Justice is one of the windows in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The window was designed by Mr H H Estcourt of Messrs. Barnett Bros., Perth. The Supreme Court Building opened in 1903.

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