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Daily Court List

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The daily court list for: 11 December 2018

The Court is open to the public.


before The Hon. Justice Corboy  
 Court No. 2
1 State Director of Public Prosecution v. Christopher John Bentley (DSO 3/2017)
 Breach DSO Supervision Order
2 The State of Western Australia v. Christopher John Bentley (INS 165/2018)

before The Hon. Justice Fiannaca  
 Court No. 6
The State of Western Australia v. Rebekah May O'Neill (INS 194/2018)
 Arrest Warrant


before The Hon. Justice Allanson  
 Court 606, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Chou & Ors v. AWAP SGT 26 Investment Ltd (CIV 1384/2010)
 For Judgment

before The Hon. Justice Vaughan  
 Court 43, David Malcolm Justice Centre
DM Drainage & Constructions P/L v. Karara Mining Ltd (CIV 2410/2012)
 Part Heard


before The Hon. Acting Justice Strk  
 Court 36, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd v. Smith (CIV 2153/2018)
 By Appointment

before  Master Sanderson  
 Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre

before The Hon. Justice Curthoys  
 Court 607, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Commissioner of State Revenue v. Rey (CIV 2985/2018)
 By Appointment

before The Acting Principal Registrar Whitby  
 Mediation Room 814, David Malcolm Justice Centre
 (PRO 5584/2016)
 Passing of Accounts

before  Registrar Dixon  
 Hearing Room 903, David Malcolm Justice Centre

before  Registrar Davies  
 Mediation Room 806, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Tierney & Anor v. Maytronics Australia P/L & Ors (CIV 2341/2016)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Whitbread  
 Mediation Room 809, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Cheng v. Lam & Ors (CIV 1706/2015)

before  Acting Registrar McDonald  
 Mediation Room 803, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Ramen v. Hardwick (CIV 1926/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before The Hon. Justice Smith  
 Court 35, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Barker Mortgages P/L & Ors v. Cannington Landholdings (WA) P/L & Ors (CIV 1909/2017)

before  Registrar S Boyle  
 Mediation Room 816, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Zorostar P/L (ATF the Zorostar Family Trust) v. Arian Investments P/L (ATF the Arian Investments Trust) (CIV 2282/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar C Boyle  
 Mediation Room 703, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Zephyr Holdings P/L v. LVD MH P/L & Anor (CIV 2727/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Gilich  
 Court No. 5
King v. Commissioner for Consumer Protection (CACV 114/2016)
 Taxation Of Costs

Case Management Hearings

In Registrar's Chambers, before  Registrar Dixon in Hearing Room 903, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 11:00 1  CIV  2954/2013    Enviro Pipes P/L v Farfield Holdings P/L
At 11:20 2  CIV  2390/2018    Turkovic v Turkovic & Ors
At 11:40 3  CIV  1276/2018    Casotti Enterprises P/L as Trustee for the Casotti Enterprises Trust v Amanda Energy P/L
At 12:00 4  CIV  2559/2018    Vanmaris v Vanmaris
At 12:20 5  CIV  2899/2016    Mind Sweat P/L v GGA Franchising P/L & Anor
At 12:40 6  CIV  1759/2018    Elwood v Dew & Ors

Judge's CMC List

In Judge's Chambers, before The Hon. Justice Pritchard in Court 35, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:30 1  CIV  1210/2018    Acn 120 316 663 P/L (in Liquidation) v Long Quan Quach & Ors

Masters List

In Master's Chambers, before  Master Sanderson in Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Sitting TimeSequenceFile NumbersParties
At 09:45 1  COR  192/2018    Vera Natasha Anderson as Trustee for the Anderson Family Trust v Buratti Fine Art P/L
At 09:45 2  CIV  2845/2018    Dudley v Manasseh
At 09:45 3  COR  209/2018    New Energy Minerals Ltd v Arena Structured Private Investments (Cayman) LLC
At 09:45 4  CIV  1517/2017    Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Jung
At 09:45 5  CIV  2976/2018    Seafocus Holdings P/L & Anor v Doric Contractors P/L
At 09:45 6  CIV  2874/2018    Perth West Central Apartment Hotel P/L v The Owners of 875 Wellington Street Strata Plan 13599
At 09:45 7  COR  218/2018    James
At 09:45 8  CIV  1920/2016    Samson v Nicholson & Ors