Supreme Court of Western Australia


The Registrar will write to you advising of any problems with your application and tell you what you must do to remedy those problems. The document that you receive from the Court is called a requisition. Please bear the following matters in mind if you receive a requisition:

  • The Court will not process your application until you have answered the requisition satisfactorily.

  • You must answer the requisition by setting out the required information in an affidavit unless the requisition says that you may answer it by letter. You cannot answer a requisition by way of a statutory declaration.

  • Any further affidavit that you file must deal with the subject matter of the requisition only. Do not repeat previous information provided in a previous affidavit.

  • You cannot speak to the Registrar about the requisition.

  • Registry staff cannot give you advice as to the meaning of a requisition. You should see a lawyer if you do not understand the requisition or know how to answer it.

  • The requisition may suggest that you obtain legal advice. If it does, you should not ignore that. The Registrar will have had a particular reason to suggest it.

Last updated: 3-May-2019

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