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Australasian Parliamentary Review article

Parliament and the Courts: A Contemporary Assessment of the Ethic of Mutual Respect” (pdf 159KB) by the Hon Wayne Martin AC, Chief Justice of Western Australia. This article was first published in the Australasian Parliamentary Review, Spring/Summer 2015, Volume 30(2), 80-98.

Discussion Paper - Access to Court Information - 10 June 2014

The Aboriginal Bench Book for Western Australian Courts

The Aboriginal Bench Book for Western Australian Courts contains information for the judiciary to alert them to cross-cultural issues which may arise in the conduct of court proceedings involving aboriginal people. The Bench Book is also a useful resource for any person involved in such proceedings.

The Bench Book was written by Ms Stephanie Fryer-Smith and published by the Australasian Institute for Judicial Management (AIJA). Hard copies of the Bench Book may be purchased through the AIJA.

The Aboriginal Benchbook for Western Australian Courts

Equal Justice Bench Book

The Equal Justice Bench Book is intended to provide WA judicial officers with an understanding of the range of values, cultures, lifestyles and life experiences of people from different backgrounds, together with an understanding of the potential difficulties, barriers or inequities people from different backgrounds may face in relation to court proceedings. It offers practical examples of how to take appropriate account of these differences in court and tribunal proceedings.

The Bench Book is currently under review however, each chapter of the most recent version (current as at 21 December 2009) is also is also available for download in PDF format via the links below:

Each chapter is also available for download in Word format via the links below:

Mediation Programme - A Guide for Litigants - 28 October 2016

Guide to Judicial Conduct (Second Edition) - 4 May 2007

Published for The Council of Chief Justices of Australia by The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Incorporated

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