Supreme Court of Western Australia

Equal Justice Bench Book

The Bench Book was first published as the Equality Before the Law Bench Book in 2009. Some chapters were revised and republished in 2016-17. The entire Bench Book was updated and republished as a second edition on 24 September 2021. The second edition includes further updates to those chapters which were republished in 2016-17, to promote consistency between chapters and currency of information.

The Bench Book provides comprehensive information to assist judicial officers to understand the potential difficulties or inequities that people from different backgrounds may face in relation to court proceedings.

It provides some practical strategies to remove or ameliorate disadvantage and inequality without prejudicing other participants in the legal process. The best way of providing that information is to be informed by specialised knowledge and experience, so consultation with community organisations, researchers and academics has been integral to the development and revision of the Bench Book.

The Bench Book may also be a helpful resource for lawyers, law students and any other members of the community who have an interest in the redress of inequality, unfairness and disadvantage.

Any feedback or suggestions from readers of this Bench Book is welcomed, with a view to ensuring that it continues to fulfil its important role in the administration of justice.

Any enquiries or feedback about the Bench Book should be directed to the Senior Legal Research Officer to the Chief Justice (telephone: (08) 9421 5328;

Last updated: 24-Sep-2021

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