Supreme Court of Western Australia

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Daily Court List

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The daily court list for: 21 August 2017

The Court is open to the public.

Court of Appeal - Criminal

Coram:  Mazza J.A. ,  Beech J.A. ,  Hall J.  
 Court No. 3
1 Donovan v. The State of Western Australia (CACR 60/2016)
 For Hearing
2 Donovan v. The State of Western Australia (CACR 36/2017)
 For Hearing

Court of Appeal - Civil

Coram:  Martin C.J. ,  Buss P. ,  Murphy J.A.  
 Court No. 1
1 Samsung C&T Corporation (with Republic of Korea Registration number 110111-0015762) v. Duro Felguera Australia P/L & Anor (CACV 104/2016)
 For Hearing
2 Duro Felguera Australia P/L v. Samsung C&T Corporation (with Republic of Korea Registration number 110111-0015762) & Anor (CACV 108/2016)
 For Hearing

In Criminal

before The Hon. Justice Hall  
 Court No. 2
1 The Queen v. Emeka Paul Okoli (INS 240/2017)
 First Appearance
2 The State of Western Australia v. Troy Jon Mathieson (INS 224/2017)
 First Appearance
3 The Queen v. Truong Giang Nguyen (INS 235/2017)
 First Appearance
4 The State of Western Australia v. Mervyn Annear (INS 223/2017)
 First Appearance
5 The State of Western Australia v. Brendan Leigh Hayden (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
6 The State of Western Australia v. Jayden Simmons (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
7 The State of Western Australia v. Dusty Liegh Wunderlich (INS 213/2017)
 First Appearance
8 The State of Western Australia v. Nadine Frances Turner (INS 202/2015)
 First Appearance

before The Hon. Justice Archer  
 Court No. 6
State Director of Public Prosecution v. Dal (DSO 2/2015)
 Part Heard

In Civil

before  Master Sanderson  
 Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Kalaf v. Mallis & Ors (CIV 2009/2014)
 For Hearing

In Chambers

before The Hon. Justice Tottle  
 Hearing Room 608, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Rural Bank Limited v. McCagh & Ors (CIV 1855/2011)
 Strategic Conference

before The Hon. Justice Banks-Smith  
 Court 35, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Mining Innovations Australia P/L v. Mining and Building Services Group P/L (CIV 1672/2014)

before  Registrar Davies  
 Hearing Room 903, David Malcolm Justice Centre
1 City of Cockburn v. Swire Cold Storage P/L (CIV 2615/2016)
 Mediation Conference
2 Swire Cold Storage P/L v. City of Cockburn (CIV 2627/2016)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Whitbread  
 Hearing Room 710, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Montague Holdings (Int) P/L v. Worth (CIV 1801/2017)
 Status Conference

Northern Circuit Court

before  A Supreme Court Judge  
1 The State of Western Australia v. Rodney Brian Edgar (INS 18/2017)
 Trial by Jury
2 The State of Western Australia v. Phillip John Roe (INS 18/2017)
 Trial by Jury