Supreme Court of Western Australia

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About the Court


The Court is composed of:

  • The Chief Justice;
  • Judges and Acting Judges;
  • A Master; and
  • A Principal Registrar and Registrars.

Chief Justice of Western Australia

The Hon. Chief Justice Wayne Stewart Martin AC

Court of Appeal Division

The Hon. Justice Michael John Buss - President

The Hon. Justice Graeme Harold Murphy

The Hon. Justice Robert Anthony Mazza

The Hon. Justice Robert Mackenzie Mitchell

The Hon. Justice Andrew Robert Beech

General Division

The Hon. Justice Rene Lucien Le Miere

The Hon. Justice Lindy Frances Jenkins 

The Hon. Justice John Anthony Chaney

The Hon. Justice Kenneth James Martin 

The Hon. Justice Stephen David Hall

The Hon. Justice Edwin Michael Corboy

The Hon. Justice Janine Clare Pritchard

The Hon. Justice Jeremy David Allanson

The Hon. Justice Jeremy Clive Curthoys

The Hon. Justice Paul Allan Tottle

The Hon. Justice Bruno Fiannaca

The Hon. Justice Joseph McGrath

The Hon. Justice Gail Ann Archer

The Hon. Justice Anthony Samuel Derrick

The Hon. Justice John Cameron Vaughan

The Hon. Acting Justice Jennifer Hilda Smith

The Master

The Supreme Court has one Master who deals with interlocutory or preliminary matters prior to trial and hears company matters and any short matters assigned from the Judges' list. The Master is:

Master Craig William Sanderson

The Registrars

The Principal Registrar and eight Registrars of the Court are engaged in case management (pre-trial) work. Some designated Registrars are qualified as mediators and mediate matters when ordered by the Court. One Registrar is the Court of Appeal Registrar.

Ms Larissa Strk (Principal Registrar)

Mr Simon Christopher Stedman Dixon

Ms Sandra Mary Boyle

Mr Christopher John Boyle

Ms Danielle Jane Davies

Ms Janet Denise Whitbread

Ms Natalie Michelle Whitby

Mr Rainer Christian Gilich

Ms June Eaton (Court of Appeal Registrar)

Last updated: 16-May-2018

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