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Forms and Fees

Forms and Fees

This section contains detailed information on applicable fees and forms for Supreme Court matters.

Payment of fees may be made by cash, cheque/bank cheque, money orders, and eftpos (credit card or direct debit). Cheques should be made payable to the Supreme Court of Western Australia. For Probate matters cheques should be made payable to the Probate Office of Western Australia.

Reduction and Waiver of Fees

There are reduced fees payable for small business and non-profit associations. To be eligible for these you will need to complete and submit Form 1 (Declaration that a person is a small business or non-profit association). Form 1 is available for download or from the Central Office, Supreme Court, Stirling Gardens, Barrack Street, Perth.

If a fee is payable, a party may apply to have the Court defer, refund or waive the fee. The application must be made by submitting Form 2 (Application to Remit Fees). The Form 2 is available for download, or from the Central Office, Supreme Court, Stirling Gardens, Barrack Street, Perth.

Transcript Requests

If you are seeking a copy of a transcript from a Supreme Court hearing, your request must be received in writing on the prescribed request form (please see attached). Please note that if you are not a party to the proceedings in which you are requesting the transcript, your request will have to be accompanied with a cover letter addressed to the Principal Registrar of the Supreme Court detailing your need for and intended use of the transcript.

 In normal circumstances there will be a fee associated with the production of a court transcript (please see information under General Division / Court of Appeal Fees).

 Please also note that the turnaround timeframes given for the production of a transcript are estimates only.

Last updated: 30-Jun-2014

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