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The Supreme Court has an Electronic Document Lodgement service, or eLodgment, for the civil jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

eLodgment enables members of the legal profession and government agencies to lodge a writ of summons and statement of claim at the Court registry and pay court fees online. Sealed service copies are available online immediately to the lodging party.

Documents that can be filed using eLodgment are:

  • Affidavit
  • Affidavit of service of Writ of Summons
  • Application to a Case Management Registrar
  • Defence
  • Memorandum of Appearance
  • Memorandum pursuant to Order 59 r9 (1) & (2)
  • Notice of Appointment of Solicitor
  • Notice of Change of Solicitor
  • Statement of Claim
  • Summons (form 77)
  • Undertaking
  • Writ of Summons

eLodgment is authorised by Order 67 rule 20 of the Rules of the Supreme Court 1971. O.67 r.20 requires that eLodgment occur by means of the Court's web site. The Supreme Court has approved a web site for the purposes of eLodgment only. For further information contact the Supreme Court on (08) 9421 5330 or email

Registered users may access eLodgment.

Becoming a Registered user

Becoming a registered user involves the following simple steps:

  1. Review the web site Conditions of Use and the Conditions of Use for Applications.
  2. Identify who in your organisation will be using eLodgment and the access they will have - see What is meant by access levels?
  3. Complete and submit the application form - Application for eLodgment.
  4. Decide how you want to pay for court filing fees and complete the application forms required - see How do I pay court filing fees?
  5. Await confirmation that your application has been accepted and processed (this may take 3 business days).
  6. Start using eLodgment.
  7. Periodically check and update your user list - see How do I update or remove a users access?

Click here for a more comprehensive description of the registration instructions.

Last updated: 23-Jun-2016

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